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How to Get Rid of Car Windshield Berets

In addition to the engine or car body, other parts of the car that are also not free from problems are the windshield. One of the problems with windshields is scratches which certainly affect the visibility of the driver. Then how do you get rid of the windshield scratches? You can take your car to the windshield replacement Peoria AZ to get the best car windshield service.

The windshield is an important part that should not be ignored, especially if there are scratches that can interfere with the vision of the driver while driving. Some of the factors causing the beret on the windshield include:

Sharp object

One of the factors that cause the scratch on your windshield is sharp objects, such as iron, nails, or other objects that accidentally fall into the windshield of your car when parking.


Aside from being a dust or sand cleaner attached to the windshield, wipers also turned out to be one of the causes of scratches on the windshield. Usually, this happens when you turn on the wiper to clean dust or sand but forget to wet the glass using a washer so as to make dust or dirt stick to make a scratch or scratch, especially if the wiper rubber has hardened so as to make its function not optimal.

How to Get Rid of Car Windshield Berets

In addition to bringing to the glass detailing expert, how to get rid of car windshield scratches very easily without the expense you can also do. The following are ways to get rid of the windshield scratches that you can do, among others, namely:

Using Car Compounds

The easiest way to get rid of the windshield scratches is to use a car compound. The compound itself can be found by all car users. This tool is used to remove only mild berets, the way is to rub the compound on the windshield of the beret, then rub it gently using a soft cloth.

Even so, the use of this compound has disadvantages. Where the oil-based material will cause the glass to be opaque when exposed to rain. However, this will only take a few days, after which the windshield will be clean and clear.

Using Cerium Oxide

Another way to get rid of car windshields is to use Cerium Oxide which is one of the polished powders whose function is to clean the glass and make it even shinier. It turns out that this polishing powder you can use to remove the windshield berets by cleaning the windshield of the scratched dust and other dirt, then sand the glass until the layers become flat.

What needs to be considered when applying it, make sure the windshield is in a wet condition to minimize friction during the glass sanding process. After that, clean the glass and wait for the glass to dry.

The next process in the manufacture of a glass polishing mixture consisting of Cerium Oxide which has been mixed with water so that the shape is not too thick and not too runny. The edges of the glass should first be topped with the newspaper so that they are not exposed to this mixture. After that, scratch the glass using this mixture with a polishing tool or a soft cloth. Rub a little hard so the liquid can get into the glass and scrape the scratches or scratches, then clean the remaining polishing fluid with a soft, clean cloth.

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