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7 Must Have Travel Accessories to Pack on Every Trip

Traveling is pure joy and what makes the experience even more enriching is peace of mind and some tools. We have been traveling solo and as a couple for more than a decade – day trip, weekend getaway or a week-long vacation, we have done it all. Over the years, we have realized that we reach out for some items more than the others. And these must have travel gear makes our journey a little less stressful and more enjoyable.

These items range from clothes to electronics to basic organizing tools. We hope you find our list of 7 essential travel items useful for your trips to come.

Luggage or Backpack

This is an inevitable Item you need to take while traveling. Of course, you won’t want to carry your naked loads on your head, will you? You need luggage to put in all your essentials. A suitcase with broken zipper handles or wheels should not be used. Get another one.

Also, use a versatile travel bag that can take in as much stuff as you want and at the same time be very simple for you to carry. There are varieties of travel bags, depending on what you want it to contain. From the wheeled backpack to the carry-on, the rolling luggage, the four-wheels, and the Travel backpack.


These are items used for personal hygiene or grooming. It is very important to always look good. Now that you’re traveling, hygiene and neatness should not be far from you.

Examples of toiletries that you should pack are deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, multipurpose soaps, toilet rolls, comb, sunscreen, moisturizer, shampoo, and hairstyling appliances. All these shouldn’t take up to half the space of your main luggage.

A night before you embark on your trip is the ideal time to get all your toiletries into place, arrange them on your bed and put them properly into a travel bag. This is to ensure that you have not forgotten any of them as they are all equally important.

First Aid Kits

As humans, we often tend to prepare for future occurrences. We don’t wish ourselves bad but it is wise to always have with you a portable first aid kit while you travel.

Moreover, you don’t need to have all the complete components of first aid. Just the important and mostly used ones which are bandages, plaster, adhesives, cold medicine, thermometer, Allergy medicine, multivitamins, cotton wool, eye drops, mosquitoes bite reliever, sleeping medicine, Altitude sickness pills, a pen, and a paper.

Money Belt

Like I have mentioned earlier in this article, security during your trip matters a lot. While you get thrilled by your travel destinations and new things around, it is wise to be conscious of the valuables that you have in your possession – your money.

Your money could get misplaced or stolen by pickpockets while you are hiking or doing other interesting things. And so, it’s advisable to use the money belt. Wearing a money belt lets you keep your valuables close to your body and away from prying hands.

A Portable charger

Power in your mobile device may go down anytime and anywhere. Taking along with you a portable charger is very important as well. Travel pros always travel with this item.

This can broadly include power banks, extra batteries which are fully charged, or any other compact power supply electronics.


As travelers, the thirst for adventure could take us to destinations in the world where there is a regular power cut. Even if you travel to sunny destinations, it is not safe to get caught in the dark without any source of light. Headlamps help you to move quite comfortably in the dark bush, room, fields, woods, hut, you name it.

You may want to spend a night in a fascinating wilderness, save your hands the stress of a regular hand torchlight and take along with you a headlamp.

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