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How Brexit Will Impact Visas In The UK

Brexit is something that pretty much everyone is looking after at the moment. With many articles online and different angles on the subject, the immigration sector is definitely the most targeted one, given the fact that the entire Brexit matter is heavily looking after this delicate topic. With that in mind, let’s break down how the entire Visa industry could change next year.

The American Model

What’s been discussed lately is related to the fact that the entire Visas industry could change moving towards a more American-based approach in the next couple of months. With different tiers and more restrictive requirements, the overall feeling is that the UK immigration system could soon move towards the much-criticized American exclusivity-based one. Although this is purely hypothetical at the moment, legal immigrants are a bit worried about their future within the country.

Which Kind Of Visas Will Change?

At the moment, everything is pretty stable, but we can easily expect massive changes within the next couple of months, way before the supposed B-day, which is coming in March 2019. If you’re trying to apply for Spouse Visa UK, the current financial requirements of £18,600 could soon be due to changes, especially since they will be the first ones to be hit by the new (potential) Brexit regulations. Although EU citizens have been told that almost nothing will change for them, it could be a smart choice to contact professional immigration agencies like IAS in the near future.

Evolution Of Visas

There are many speculations at the minute about what concerns new avenues that the government will take but, for now, it’s safe to say that there will be a lot of new Visas available, in particular, for the EU citizens. The entire process will definitely be related to soft visas or tier 4 ones: these are the ones that will merely state the fact that an EU citizen will have the rights to live and work in the UK. Whilst these are just speculations, we can easily say that they are likely to happen in case of a hard Brexit.

To Conclude

Although these are just general guidelines and speculations, Brexit will definitely bring lots of changes within the immigration processes, especially for the non-EU citizens, as said above. These hypotheses are still pretty unclear, given the fact that the entire matter couldn’t even happen. For now, talking with professionals within the field is the best way of approaching the entire process.


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