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Pre-bonded hair extensions – for who will it work?

The choice of hair extension methods depends on many factors. For who will the pre-bonded variants be suitable? How is it done exactly? We’ve prepared a little guide on this method so that you can verify whether it fits you.

Extending hair is a perfect solution if you crave a one-time metamorphosis. Special day? A night out with your girlfriends? With hair extensions, you can change your looks in no time without even visiting the hair salon. And what if you’re searching for something long-term? In this case, the hair extensions are also a perfect match. More and more people use it to add volume to their natural hair or fix the mistake of getting a short haircut.  

The purpose determines the variant of the hair extensions and the method of their application, so make sure you know what you want them for. Today, we’ll focus on pre-bonded extensions that are becoming a popular choice among fans of long-term methods. They guarantee a seamless effect – but they’re definitely not for everyone.

Pre-bonded hair extensions – what are they?

In a nutshell, pre-bonded hair extensions are attached to the individual strands using keratin bonds. They act as glue, connecting your natural hair with the extensions. In a traditional variant, it’s melted with a heat gun – such a method is called hot fusion. In the case of cold fusion, instead of heat, the machine uses ultrasonic waves. 

Regardless of the chosen variant, you end up with seamlessly attached hair extensions. If it’s done well, the fusion is basically invisible. At the same time, it remains flexible, what makes it easier to carry out various treatments like curling the hair. While the clip-in extensions usually have to be styled separately – for example, using a wig stand, pre-bonded don’t require that.

Pre-bonded hair extensions – for whom?

You may enjoy pre bonded hair extensions if you want the effect to be really seamless. Even though it’s a relatively old method, it allows achieving a beautiful effect, making natural hair indistinguishable from the extensions. 

Contrarily to the common conviction, the pre-bonded extensions do not harm the hair. Keratin is a natural bonding agent, so using it shouldn’t damage your hair anyhow. However, such an application brings some limitations, making it hard to reapply the once-used extensions. If you want to reuse them at least a few times, it might be better to go for the micro rings. 

If you want something relatively cheap and fast, this method may not be the best fit. Both hot fusion and cold fusion take at least a few hours to finish. But, on the other hand, they’re durable – they last 3-4 months without any intervention.

Whether you are searching for long, at least 24 inch hair extensions, or something shorter, we recommend shopping at a shop specialized in these accessories. Verify whether they are entirely natural – it’s crucial when it comes to quality.

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